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Research on Reintegration of Taliban

“The formal reintegration process doesn’t offer people much at the moment,” said Deedee Derksen, a Dutch researcher who’s written on the subject for the U.S. Institute of Peace and other think tanks.

“They can’t guarantee security, and the lack of security relates to the fact that the program is not embedded into a broader political process. On paper, it is. But in practice there has been a huge rush for reintegration from the international community while the higher-level talks aren’t going anywhere.”

Quote in McClatchy newspapers “Crucial plan to reintegrate Afghan insurgents falling flat” by Shahshank Bengali 3 November 2011

Short PeaceBrief for USIP

Longer Paper for PRIO

The Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) aims to reintegrate insurgents • in return
for security, jobs and other incentives, but has seen limited results.
• Rapid implementation of the program has failed to address adequately a variety of political,
employment and security concerns.
• As a result, reintegrees of varying backgrounds are joining the Afghan Local Police, potentially
perpetuating instability.
• Without a political approach addressing drivers of the insurgency and higher-level reconciliation,
reintegration will see limited results. The government and its partners should concentrate
on how to make reintegration part of a broader political process.


About deedeederksen

Deedee Derksen is writing a book on reporting in Afghanistan, after having been based in Kabul as the correspondent for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. She also supports local media in Afghanistan. She lives in Brussels.


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