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Disarmament and rearmament in Helmand

6 January 2014

On a visit to Helmand in mid-December, UK Prime Minister David Cameron stated that when British troops withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of next year, they will have accomplished their main aim – leaving behind a basic level of security. But a new report by the Pentagon (1) tells a different story. On its list of the most violent districts in the country, the top four are in Helmand, the province where most British as well as thousands of US troops have been based. The deadliest of these districts is Nahr-e Seraj where a multitude of power brokers within and outside the official security forces violently struggle for influence. Deedee Derksen with an overview of disarmament and rearmament trends over the past 12 years and the resulting security challenges for this and the next Afghan government (with input by Obaid Ali).

Read the complete dispatch on http://www.afghanistan-analysts.org/armed-disarmed-rearmed-how-nar-e-seraj-in-helmand-became-one-of-the-deadliest-districts-in-afghanistan


About deedeederksen

Deedee Derksen is writing a book on reporting in Afghanistan, after having been based in Kabul as the correspondent for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. She also supports local media in Afghanistan. She lives in Brussels.


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